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How Do I Get My Band Played on CHUO?

Well, the first step is to send us a copy of your album. We accept EPs and full-length CDs (NOT singles – make sure you have at least three distinct tracks!) and we also love vinyl. Here are some important things to remember when you’re sending music to CHUO:
• Use a jewel case, preferably with the band name and album title on the spine. Otherwise we have to make labels for your disk and that will make us a little cranky.
• Don’t waste your money on file folders, glossy photos, or any of that other fancy stuff because it will most likely just end up in the recycling bin. All you need is the album and a bio or one sheet – that’s it! However, we do have a soft spot for buttons, stickers, and candy should you feel inclined to send extra treats.
• Physical submissions can be sent to this address:

Doug is dead... and we have killed him!

65 University Pvt. Suite 0038
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 9A5

Digital submissions can be sent to, however make sure you’re sending  a full album, an EP or a demo rather than a few random songs. Please write “submission” in the subject title.

Once we’ve received your album, our music department volunteers and staff will review it to ensure that it’s appropriate for our library. As a local independent radio station, CHUO aims to broadcast music that is not generally promoted by the mainstream media, and we do take this into account when we are reviewing music.

Another important thing: CHUO is a freeform radio station, which means that the programmers are volunteers and they have the freedom to choose the music that they play. We don’t have rotations or playlists. So once your album has been added to our music library, it’s all up to the hosts – not the music directors! Our job is to make music available to the programmers, not to tell them what to play.