Phil Shirakawa – Creative Coordinator
Jeff Ruck – Engineer
Xavier Landreville – Software Developer

What we do

The CHUO multimedia production department is responsible for serving the audio production and web needs of CHUO’s staff and volunteers. On a regular basis you’ll find us scripting, voicing, recording, and mixing everything from station IDs to ads. We also take the time to keep CHUO.FM updated and looking sweet and slick.

We Need you!

productionCHUO multimedia production department is almost always up to its ears in work. You can help make our lives easier, and fill volunteer hours with any number of tasks including:

  • Scripting, voicing, recording and mixing Station ID’s, Show Bridges and 3rd Party Advertisements.
  • Translating text for airing and web content.
  • Uploading music to our MediaTouch system.
  • Producing audiovisual content (NEW!)

Production Studio

Please, reserve at least 48hours before the day needed and be advised that you won’t get a confirmation on the weekend.

Video: How to book the production studio

View the current schedule, or book some production time: