Become A Contributor

Contributors are the lifeblood of CHUO.

Through CHUO’s freeform nature and flexible training options, contributors are given the opportunity to add their unique voice to Ottawa/Gatineau’s media landscape and beyond.

On the airwaves, contributors create community-driven radio, showcase Ottawa’s arts and culture, and guide listeners through underground, often unheard musical niches. Behind the scenes, contributors help produce on-air content, curate our music library, help maintain our online voice, represent the station at community events, and the list goes on!

First, create a profile and submit an application on CHUO’s contributor portal, Better Impact.

Need help? Watch our tutorial!

Next, we ask that you book an interview with a member of our staff. After creating a profile, sign into Better Impact, navigate to the Opportunities tab, and select New Contributor Interview.

If your application to contribute to CHUO is accepted, we’ll ask you to come in for an orientation session! After being accepted and orientated as a contributor, you’ll get started by becoming a member of the RADIO ACTIVE team!