[lang_en] CHUO LIVE at the DOMINION TAVERN[/lang_en][lang_fr]CHUO en Veddette au DOMINION[/lang_fr]

[lang_en]LIVE and direct from the DOMINION TAVERN 33 York street Thursday September 22, 9pm to 11 pm. Come on down and help LEFTY kick off this year’s O-TOWN HOEDOWN!Check out the details . The Hoedown is a 10-day concert series taking place all over Ottawa, and showcasing all sorts of amazing alt-whatever country awesomeness. From rockabilly to cowpunk to folk-rock to bluegrass and every imagineable thing in between, there’s a little something for everyone, except maybe the Rascall Flatts fans and the Juggalos.[/lang_en]