Pride season begins with flag raising on Parliament Hill and security funding announcement

Lauren Roulston • Jun 3, 2024

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Members of Parliament gather for the flag raising ceremony (Parujee Akarasewi/CHUO).


The Pride flag was raised on Parliament Hill this morning, marking the beginning of Pride season. The coming weeks and months will see celebrations of identity and inclusion around the globe.

On the sunny morning of Jun. 3, 2024 in front of the Centre Block, the Prime Minister and government officials gathered with members of the community for this annual ceremony.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Parujee Akarasewi/CHUO).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the crowd about rising incidents of hate towards the queer community, particularly aimed at trans youth. In fact, a recent poll from IPSOS points to declining rates for supporting queer rights and visibility in Canada.

Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, announced government funding for Pride Organizations across Canada. Specifically, $1.5 million aimed to enhance security measures amid rising hate crimes for 2SLGBTQI+ individuals.

“These are not the kind of funding announcements that we want to make, ever. But we need to,” says the Minister. “Communities live in fear. They need this protection. Hatred is on the rise and we will support now and always.”

This is not the first time the Government has released security funding for Pride events in Canada. Last year, they released the same amount, which 50 Pride groups tapped into to boost their safety measures.

Minister Marci Ien announces security funding for Pride Organizations (Parujee Akarasewi/CHUO).

Raising the Pride flag on Parliament Hill has become an annual gesture for the Liberals and their announcement comes at a symbolic moment for the queer community.

Sen. René Cormier addressed the crowd about the steps that must be taken for queer rights, noting that many countries still criminalize homosexuality.

Statista reports that 64 jurisdictions have laws that punish same-sex consensual activities, 12 of which employ the death penalty.

“Pride season is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done, as our communities continue to face inequality and violence, both here in Canada and globally,” says Sen. Cormier.

CHUO’s Parujee Akarasewi with Sen. René Cormier (Haoua Inoua/ACO).

(Parujee Akarasewi/CHUO).

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