Hey CHUO family, we are launching our GoFundMe “CHUO, I LOVE YOU, JE T’AIME” on October 15th to raise money for the radio station.

CHUO is operated by a small staff and community of volunteer contributors, meaning we are the DJs, curators, producers, writers and organizers. CHUO shares all of our programming with you for free. While we believe it is vital to do so, our station is listener-supported, which means we rely on donors’ donations and financial support. That’s where GoFundMe comes in! GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform, a place where people can raise funds for causes. The campaign works through donating and sharing as well, whether that be through reposting, social media, et cetera.

That’s why we need you! To help support our station. Whether it’s a donation of $5 or $100, your contributions will make a difference. Donate today!