CHUO Board of Directors

The most recent by-laws are being updating and will be posted shortly.  Here are the by-laws circa 1990.

Bylaws – EN – 1990

Here is the most recent amendment vis-à-vis the AGM membership:

AGM CHUO 2010-2011

Audited Financial Statements

CHU04 20100430 Financial Statements

CHU04 20110430 Financial statements

CHU04 20130430 Financial Statements

CHU04 20140430 Financial Statements

Regular Members

Community  Representative  : Wassim Garzouzi – [email protected]

Community  Representative  : President: Engy Sedki

University of Ottawa Representative: Treasurer : Nadine Guervin – [email protected]

Anglophone Volunteer Representative:  Jenn Prosser

Francophone Volunteer Representative:  Guillaume Koffi – [email protected]

Student Federation of the University of Ottawa Representative[email protected]

Student Federation of the University of Ottawa Representative: [email protected]

Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)

CHUO Station Manager: Erin Flynn – [email protected]

CHUO Program Director: Emmanuel Sayer – [email protected]