Hop The Fence: Friday November 23rd!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the speed of life, technology, work, cars, the ozone layer?! I’ve heard myself say (more than once) “I just need to take to the woods! Go hide and hibernate for a short while to recharge the batteries.” Well apparently, I’m not alone, as this week’s guests have also considered this option but instead chose to create a great new disc about it.

MOTHER MOTHER:  Listening to their new disc, The Sticks, it is hard to believe that they started out as an acoustic folk trio. Today, four albums later, they’ve evolved into a 5-piece, fully plugged-in dark art, pop rock band. They express both joy and frustration at the modern world at times with anger and grit but more often with mellifluous wit.

We’ll be chatting with them as they prepare for their gig at the Bronson Center in Ottawa tonight.  As usual, we’ll be spinning tunes from other bands coming through the area this weekend. Tune in at 5 pm on 89.1 FM or on-line at www.CHUO.fm

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