Civic Media Instructor


As an Instructor and Department Coordinator, this role is responsible for influencing the steady growth and functionality of the NEWS department; including development of sector partnerships and educational/vocational training. The role ensures that active volunteer contributors have access to positive and growth oriented civic media training. The role facilitates a varied range of training modules, the Instructor portion of the role will facilitate a variety of Civic Media training and evaluations with volunteer/student broadcast participants. The other portion of the role, News Department Coordinator, oversees the identification of local/regional social topics and timely broadcast of interviews and News Hits. The Instructor and Department Coordinator will work in tandem with the Station Manager and Program Director  to ensure our core services are delivered.

As Instructor and Department Coordinator, your duties and responsibilities include:


To work with the administration of the organization to ensure timely deliverables for

instruction and modules offered. Inclusive of: Orientations, training and assessments.

  • Provide consistent instruction in identified media modules 
  • Present, monitor, track, assess and evaluate volunteer contributions towards a robust instructional experience which may in time be matriculated and recognized across institutions and locales.
  • Ensure the News and Spoken Word department maintains a seamless flow of content leaders and content for the airwaves (toward 25% of on-air content).
  • Foster an environment where strong, community-centered themes and leaders may thrive to create more representative media.
  • Establish and close critical partnerships and opportunities for growth of the department and its recognition in the broader media landscape.
  • To help to establish and nurture critical partnerships and opportunities for promoting and enhancing the brands across diverse groups.
  • Maintain a weekly workflow complete with checks and balances on work-study and other

leadership roles.

  • Maintain excel spreadsheets for department budget/goals.
  • As a senior member of the team, provide quality contributions to mentor and model for other team members, assisting through collaboration or influence to the team success and achieving of the Department financial goals.
  • Work with the strategic priorities of the department to assist in the promotion and connection to audiences, maximizing all products on-air and off air (Video, Blog Posts and themed content etc.).
  •  To be responsible for effective and timely communication with the department and other related departments such as Production and Programming.
  • To attend weekly (or bi-weekly) meetings of departments and groups/collectives.
  • Complete additional related duties as assigned and/or considered through progress of achieved tasks and review of existing systems throughout the department. This can include but is not exclusive to leading in the area of recruitment.
  • Use acquired skills and awareness of the organization to contribute self-directed solutions to the underlying purpose of our News and Spoken word Department as well as the process of instruction.


  • Facilitate entry level trainings to ensure ongoing interaction with new volunteers
  • Supervise staff and volunteer contributors engaged in Civic Media Department


  • Coordinate and implement other special projects necessary


The Civic Media Instructor works primarily from the CIMA-CMAI offices, exceptions can be made to accommodate learning & recruitment. 


The successful candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be creative and be able to work in a sometimes chaotic environment. A familiarity with CIMA-CMAI and/or community media and its mandate as well as an ability to communicate this mandate to the greater community is essential. Must have excellent juggling skills and be able to work both independently and as part of a team. The ability to work with both official languages is essential. 

  • Post-Secondary education and/or equivalent experience in Broadcast Journalism, Communications or Social Justice.
  • Have some knowledge of C/C licensed radio and broadcast/show production
  • Knowledgeable with Software and Computer platforms : Windows, Audio Editing Suites (Adobe Audition, Audacity etc.), Google Workplace (Sheets, Docs etc)
  • Experience and/or heightened capacity to facilitate adult training
  • Enthusiastic and practiced experiences in group (and/or one-on- one) training using varied technology and existing
  • Strong public relations skills & Good organizational skills
  • Use/Awareness of iMediaTouch (broadcast presentation software)
  • Ability to work in a collective atmosphere

Assets: Strong volunteer/team management skills, administrative and supervisory skills, awareness of our radio audience, knowledge/experience in Solutions Journalism, strong news/talk radio aptitude.


The Civic Media Instructor reports to the Station Manager. May supervise volunteers and other staff engaged in activities under the scope of the position.


This is a near full-time position 25 – 30hrs/week  ($48K-$58K). Access to benefit package upon completion of the probation period.

To Apply

Please send your letter of interest and CV to [email protected] by Sunday October 17 .

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