AZN Connection podcast host talks Asian representation and social change

Azn Connection podcast logo against a white background.Jeffery Tram is a co-host of the Azn Connection, a podcast that aims to make more Asians proud of who they are. Photo courtesy of Jeffery Tram.

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A new podcast is exploring Asian identity and heritage.

AZN Connection is a podcast hosted by Jeffery Tram, John Gallardo and Rhea Lisondra. Tram said the podcast serves as an outlet for Asians to feel represented and be proud of who they are.

“With the AZN Connection, the point and the concept of that show is to really understand what it means to be Asian in today’s world,” Tram said.

The group started recording in December and are already feeling some momentum. AZN Connection’s most recent podcast episode focused on the acts of racism towards Asian communities that have been taking place in Canada.

Tram said he is frustrated with the lack of media coverage on the anti-Asian attacks that are prevalent in the country.

“We have to be outspoken on these things, but we also need to make this a habit on being outspoken period on all injustices, so that was some of the main takeaways of that episode,” Tram said.

Tram uses his experiences from Carleton’s journalism program and a passion for storytelling to promote change.

“I really truly believe in this podcast to be something more than just a podcast,” he said. “By starting conversations, like the ones we’re having in the podcast, that’s the start of progress.”

Tram explained how he felt inspired to work on AZN Connection because of his own experiences of feeling alienated growing up in a predominantly white area.

“I didn’t have much of an identity with my Asian culture because I didn’t have any Asian friends,” Tram said. “At some points, I even hated myself being Asian because everyone was white and I wanted to be like them in a way,” he added.

“I feel like there are so many people that can relate with my experience,” he said.

Tram hopes to continue to grow the podcast with his co-hosts and even visit Southern California where there is a community of Asian creators that he looked up to as a child.

The AZN Connection podcast can be found here.

Here is Jeffery Tram speaking with CHUO:

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