‘Black Ottawa’ app launched to showcase Black-owned businesses

Photo courtesy of Andre Kanu’s Black Ottawa application

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A mobile app was recently launched which allows users to find and support local Black-owned businesses. The ‘Black Ottawa’ app was founded by Mobile Intelligence, a Toronto-based tech company.

“You know there’s nothing out there like this. It’s a one-stop shop, one-stop directory for Black-owned businesses. So we thought about it and decided to develop the app,” said Andre Kanu, CEO and co-founder of Mobile Intelligence.

A similar concept was initially created for Toronto and launched back in February. According to Kanu, it took about three months to develop and debut. The Ottawa app was then launched last month on Nov. 1.

Any Black business owner can access the app and add their businesses on their own.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are hurting financially across the country. The main goal of the directory is to bring awareness to the Black-owned business community — especially those businesses that have been able to reopen after restrictions were lifted.

Kanu says the response from the local community has been great and there’s nearly 50 businesses (and counting) listed.

Kanu and his team are also looking to add features to the app in the upcoming year, such as resources for job opportunities and upcoming events.

The Black Ottawa app is available for free on the Apple store and Google Play.

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