Community outraged following Abdi verdict

Police sign covered in
Police sign covered in “Justice for Abdirahman Abdi” posters at Elgin police station during a protest on October 24th 2020.

– OTTAWA • ON | 28-10-2020


Last week, Tuesday, October 20, Const. Daniel Montsion was found not guilty for the murder of Abdirahman Abdi. 

Since then, outrage in the verdict has been fast and furious.

The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition gathered a few hours after the acquittal to express their feelings all while honouring Abdirahman Abdi. According to Ifrah Yusuf, incoming chair of the Justice for Abdirahman Abdi coalition, the community is outraged, disappointed and disheartened as they feel justice was not served for Abdi.

The Abdi family’s lawyer says the family is devastated and there’s a lot of pain and anguish due to the acquittal. The trial may be over, but the fight for justice is not. The coalition is currently focused on demanding change and reform within our policing system. Yusuf also mentioned  they’re pushing the motion on alternative policing models. The coalition including many community leaders and members gathered at Ottawa City Hall while city council met this morning (Oct. 28) about non-police alternatives for intervention during mental health crises.

“It’s essential for those who are going through mental health crises, that they get the help that they need, as opposed to officers with guns to show up at their house,” Yusuf said.

Five demands the coalition is pushing on the city include:

  1. 1. Freeze police budget now
  2. 2. Reallocate funds to Black and Indigenous communities
  3. 3. Fire violent and racist police
  4. 4. Demand municipal control of police
  5. 5. Non-police mental health intervention

Ever since the acquittal, JFA and community members have been protesting and rallying back-to-back, demanding change to make sure there isn’t another Abdirahman Abdi or another Anthony Aust.

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