Ottawa Titans step up to the plate as 2024 season kicks off

Ana Sofia de la Parra • May 27, 2024

The Ottawa Titans face off against Trois-Rivières (Ana Sofia de la Parra/CHUO)

Baseball fans in Ottawa saw some exciting plays and intense baseball games last weekend, which as I like to say, is every game if it’s played right. Sunday the energy was also high in the Titans Stadium as all sports fans are kicking off the season, the spirit is hopeful.

This weekend saw the Titans’ very first home stand of the 2024 season (Ottawa_titans/X)

On Saturday at 6 p.m., the Ottawa Titans started their game against the Trois-Rivières Aigles at Ottawa’s home stadium. In the first inning, The Titans’ rivals started off strong and scored four runs, intimidating some of the fans as our home team failed to score any.

However, this was only the beginning, and there were still three hours to go and a full game of baseball to be played. By the second inning, the Aigles had scored another run, and Ottawa was still in the 0’s, making me and numerous others still very nervous to see if the Titans were going to finally step up when getting on the plate.

The Aigles were leading the board by five runs, and the third inning was beginning. Much different from the two previous ones, it seemed like the Titans heard their fan base and gathered the balls around the pitch with the intention of actually hitting them.

The Trois-Rivières representatives failed to achieve a run and were struck out by the Titans pitcher, which gave us the first indication that the fun was about to start. In the bottom inning, the Titans covered 2nd and 3rd base, and AJ Wright was walking up to bat; fans were chanting, kids’ eyes were glued to him as he hit the first home run of the game, which landed right on the middle of the street, all the way over the field, trees and protective nets.

The crowd roared and chanted his name all while this amazing batter secured three runs for his team and brought the scoreboard to a way closer game of 5-3.

Yet in the fourth inning, the Trois-Rivières Aigles showed the Titans they weren’t stepping down, and they also knew how to hit impressive shots. The Titans secured another three runs with a single home run, increasing their lead by three points. In the fifth inning, we were already halfway through the game, and the tension was risingI

The top inning passed, and the Trois-Rivières team failed to score a run; they were struck out by the Titans. The bottom inning starts and the bases start to fill. Players cover 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. Taylor Wright scores a home run, and it was phenomenal!

This secured a four point advantage for the Ottawa Titans. The first time during the whole game, they’re on the lead, showing how drastically one play can change the entire course of the game, increasing the pressure upon the visiting team, the Trois-Rivières Aigles.

The Aigles must have felt the pressure as they once again showed that they can and will get back up. In the sixth inning, 2/3 of the game had gone by and the Eagles obtained two more runs. They didn’t get in the lead nor obtain a tie, rather getting close to it, securing a good spot for the other three innings left.

The seventh inning passes and doesn’t change the results. However, by the eighth inning, everything changes.

Up to the last two innings, and like my father used to tell me, a baseball game is not over till it’s
over. The Trois-Rivières Aigles took the lead with a fantastic home run by Dalton Combs.

At this point they’re leading the scoreboard with only one run more than the Titans, making it a
tight score and a very intense bottom inning on the semi-final inning of the night. The Titans,
even with the opportunity to score, missed their three batters, and the Aigles pitcher strikes them

Starting the ninth and final inning with high tensions and a tight scoreboard, the Eagles take
the field with the score on their side. However, their first batter, Steve Brown, seems comfortable
stepping on the plate to take the first hit. He hits a ground ball and takes first base, and Brandon
Hernandez steps onto the plate after him.

Securing his plate on first base, Brown is out as the high-energy Titans defence burned second base before he was able to make it safe. Hernandez steals second base. Titans ‘nine’ makes the final catch to turn into the bottom and final inning. The Aigles finished this inning without any runs.

The Titans first batter for the ninth inning is #15, Jake Gunther. After the Eagles’ pitcher failed to deliver a good pitch three consecutive times, Gunther walked over to first base. Christian Ibarra, #13, hit a fly ball and got out. Yushin Ohta #17, hits a fly ball, placing him at first base while Gunter is at 2nd.

Taylor Wright, #12, walks to the plate while second and third base are covered. The score is 11-10.
Tensions are high. He is burned, and the game finishes.

The Titans, with all the opportunity to win in the last inning, failed to score the two runs that would place them in the lead. Third base was covered, and the second one, too; all they needed was one run to tie, but this wasn’t achieved.

The Ottawa stadium for the Titans’ opening weekend (Ottawa_titans/X)

Trois-Rivières Aigles won 11-10, a fair game where the energy was shown throughout the audience, and the highs and lows of sports impressed the attendees, the fans and me. A full day of baseball, a good atmosphere and an intense game were seen at the Titans home, which I invite you to see for yourself in the following season.

Baseball changes every second, and it allows for competitiveness, surprise and
passion; you can catch the game next weekend and the following ones as well.