uOttawa’s last second Panda win

Ana Sofia de la Parra • Oct 5, 2023

Panda game, Oct. 1, 2023 (Ana Sofia de la Parra/CHUO).


uOttawa and Carleton University continued their yearly tradition Sun, Oct 1.

The teams kicked off the panda as an excited crowd packed the TD Place stadium with colourful school spirit.

Both teams appeared incredibly energetic, and the audience gathered to see the game filled the air with chants. uOttawa hosted a pregame party with food trucks, a live DJ, and school buses to drive the students to Lansdowne where the game took place.

The first quarter of the game was uneventful, with Carleton scoring a touchdown within the first eight minutes and uOttawa failing to catch up. Before the first quarter was done, Ottawa scored a point with a kick, but still needed seven more points or a touchdown to tie their rival. By this point in the game, both sides of the stadium were riled up but needed more of a push from Ottawa. Carleton students appeared to have a great time teasing the Ottawa students.

The second quarter came with many attempts from both teams and numerous turnovers, when Ottawa finally scored twice. The points went up to 15, leaving Carleton behind by eight points. The crowd on Ottawa’s side was going wild, screaming and cheering for their school and increasing the pressure on Carleton University. Finishing the second quarter, the stands cleared up a bit as people sought food, drinks and a break from the sun that was incredibly potent through the game.

The cheerleaders on both sides showed off their routines and riled up the crowds. After speaking to numerous students, they all said the first two quarters were “not incredibly exciting as it has been previously,” and a bit slow. However, what the game had in store for us was very eventful in the next half.

The third quarter started with great energy from both teams. The scoreboard was still 7-15, with Ottawa in the lead and many opportunities for the Ravens to tie the score. You could see they wanted to change the scoreboard. By the end of the third quarter, Carleton had ample opportunities to tie the score. However, uOttawa’s defence stood strong, causing the Ravens to fail three attempts at a touchdown. That quarter the score stayed as it began.

Spirits were high and loud going into the game’s last quarter. The competitive attitude of both schools were showing with teasing and counter-cheering on both sides of the stadium. Tensions were rising as this game could have broken Ottawa’s winning streak.

The first ten minutes were tense on both sides, with the teams coming close to scoring just for the ball to turn to the other team. With four minutes and 25 seconds on the clock, Carleton Ravens tied the game with a touchdown. Then they led the scoreboard with a kick, making the score 16-15. The game was almost done and uOttawa students started accepting defeat with the clock inching closer to zero. The previous champions weren’t close to scoring. Then, with three seconds on the clock Carleton students rushed into the field and started celebrating, with the clock ticking away.

One second on the clock, Ottawa wasn’t close to the end zone and we had all accepted defeat. Until Campbell Fair, with jersey 19 kicks and scores, turned the scoreboard to 18-16, solidifying uOttawa’s win-streak. The crowds went wild, and the spirits were through the roof. One second on the clock, and a kick changed the trajectory of the game, showing us the game isn’t over till it is, and the ref calls it with a last whistle.


The crowd rushes the field at TD Place stadium after uOttawa’s win, Oct 1. 2023 (Ana Sofia de la Parra/CHUO).

Listen to this segment as heard of CHUO’s The Mosaic:

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