Show Category: Folk


Map of Ottawa-Gatineau with words "Locals Only" imposed on top.

Coming out of the Radio Active Room to airwaves near you…it’s Locals Only! An hour every day focusing on the best of everything music from Ottawa-Gatineau! Join the show by getting in touch…email [email protected]


An exploration of new music featuring local, Canadian and international artists as well as artists who will be performing in the Ottawa-Gatineau region! Ben Woodhouse will lead your journey through some of the best new releases!


L’autoroute musicale de la francophonie canadienne. Voilà la voie que vous invite à explorer d’une semaine à l’autre l’animateur Marc Lalonde via CKRH FM. Parcourez avec lui le pays d’est en ouest à la découverte de la chanson d’expression française. Deux heures de purs délices musicaux.