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Queer feminism in early cinema at mayfair theatre for IFFO

“We can be surprised by the space there was more than a hundred years ago in some cases, for these women who break social norms” Lauren Roulston • Mar. 15, 2024   Cinema’s First Nasty Women: Queens of Destruction is a compilation of rarely seen European and North American silent films. On Friday, Mar. 22,… Read more »

Heading back in time at Lansdowne

Marcela Gonzalez • Mar. 1, 2024   Can you imagine that the modern park where people run, watch games and attend events today was first used to host an agricultural fair? Lansdowne Park, located in the heart of Ottawa, is a green space with various buildings, plazas and courts that have come to serve as… Read more »

Freedom to Read at the Ottawa Public Library: Committing to Intellectual Freedom in Canada

Lauren Roulston • Feb. 29, 2024   Libraries across North America have found themselves in the crosshairs of book ban controversies. During the 2021-2022 school year in the United States, over 1,600 books were banned from school libraries.  Republican-led states in the South are leading the growing movement of banning books.  Residents of a township in… Read more »

War in Ukraine passes two year mark

Arya Gunde • Feb. 29, 2024   This weekend, Feb. 24, 2024 marked two years since the start of the war in Ukraine.  Since then, over 30,000 soldiers have died on each side and over 10,000 innocent Ukrainian civilians have been killed in the crossfire.  The anniversary comes close after an interview between Vladimir Putin and… Read more »

Understanding mexico’s worsening water crisis

Marcela Gonzalez • Feb. 29, 2024   Mexico has the highest bottled water consumption per capita worldwide, according to global non-profit 72 million people lack access to safe drinking water. But how can this be understood in Canada, where only 19 per cent of the population has bottled water as their main source of drinking… Read more »

The Morning Shift (Fri)

Your source for hip hop in the morning! News, views, and interviews with The Morning Shift crew!


Your source for hip hop in the morning! News, views, and interviews with The Morning Shift crew! With Sydney Vanderberg and co-hosts!


Ici l’Afrique is a program entirely dedicated to Africa, in all dimensions, such as politics, economics, development, environment, sports, press, culture and gender. Ici l’Afrique represents the African continent from one week to the next, and informs Africa, Canada and the world about Africa, by reviewing the major events and issues that condition the continent’s… Read more »


Your weekly connection to the Afro-Caribbean community in Ottawa and beyond! A public affairs/arts show focusing on local and international events and issues, with special emphasis on the African diaspora. Black History Month coverage, Artist Profiles, Community Calendar and lots of music by U.S, African and Caribbean artists.