With Michel-Ange Hyppolite, Fabienne Lozis, Benito Domerson, Jude Jean-François et Jean Saint-Vil

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Bouyon Rasin is a program that covers many aspects of community life such as education, cultural, politics and society. This program, which was launched on May 5th, 1994, adopts an interactive format that encourages listeners to communicate by telephone with the show hosts. Weekly broadcasts are rotated by theme, in the following order:

Week 1 – Michel-Ange Hyppolite (Kaptenn Koukouwouj) hosts Bouyon Education.

Week 2 – Fabienne Lozis (Manzè Choublak) and Benito Domerson (Bendo) host Bouyon Société.

Week 3 – Jude Jean-François hosts Bouyon Musique & Culture.

Week 4 – Jean Saint-Vil (Jafrikayiti) hosts Bouyon Grandèt

Language: International