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Nostalgic Tendencies takes you back to the 20th century on an audio exploration of a genre created during the last century.

Your host George will discuss the genres’ origins, its height and its current state in the present.

Tune in every Thursday at 3 PM to indulge your Nostalgic Tendencies!


Avec George

Twisted Transistor is an hour dedicated to experimental and electronic music from Ottawa and around the world! You’ll explore music with your host GM who will present a mix of her own or one from one of the musicians and producers she meets traveling between the East and The West.


Avec GM

4 heures de musique country francophone! L’express country avec votre animateur Robert Guindon!


Avec Robert Guindon

CHUO contributors shine a spotlight on a specific artists or genre of music every week. You never know what you’ll hear! Interested in producing an episode of Spotlight? Email us!


CITY SLANG broadcasts punk, rock & roll, strange noise, and wild interviews from all over the planet with a focus on Canadian and Ottawa weirdos. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram – @cityslangradio Check out past episodes, bonus clips and videos on our website!


Avec Travis & Emmanuel

The Full Time Groove guides you through the funkiest of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, house, and groovy grooves. An eclectic mix of choice cuts – 99% vinyl, 100% good vibes! Hosts Mikey D, Wilk1, J-Mix, and Jazzy Matty bring live performances and interviews with special guests, and the coolest way to spend the final hours of your Thursday. Airs every Thursday at 10 pm and repeats Saturday at midnight.


Avec Tommy Rad, Jazzy Matty & J-mix

Music from all over the world.

Musique du monde entier.

Música de todo el mundo.

Musiek van regoor die wêreld.

Muusikada aduunka oo idil.

Musik aus aller Welt.


Hear the stories behind the songs…


Avec Tom Bruce