About CHUO

Music, information, community. That’s CHUO

We are NOT your traditional radio station. We are THE community radio station.

For over 20 YEARS we’ve been playing nothing but the best in indie-rock, folk, funk, reggae, hip hop, jazz, blues, country, rock, classical, ska, punk, soul, Motown and more. We offer a new, refreshing flavour of music from local, independent, underground and emerging artists to tickle every one of your musical taste buds. We play tunes that you probably won’t know the words to… we feature artists you’ve probably never heard of… we make radio worth listening to.

We are the voice of the community. We talk about things you care about. We represent the various facets that make up our beautiful community……We are CHUO FM 89.1by the people for the people!

Radio Active

CHUO is defined by our volunteers. These dedicated individuals devote their time to creating top quality programming, continually re-establishing CHUO’s identity. We broadcast in over 10 different languages and have a listenership that spans overseas. Weekly shows are produced and hosted by members of, among many, the Spanish, Caribbean, Bosnian, Ethiopian, Indian, Somali, Romanian communities, reflecting the multicultural life of our national capital.

After broadcasting on cable and on campus since 1984, CHUO was granted an FM license by the CRTC, and settled in to its space at 89.1 FM on May 31, 1991.

Here are some of the things we are working on:

strategic plan 2011-2014