Contributor Positions

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Opportunity to make a significant difference in the community.
  • Networking and meeting like-minded individuals.
  • Gaining experience and building a portfolio/resume.
  • Training and skill development opportunities.

Ottawa University students – CHUO posts almost every position on the uOttawa Career Experiential/Volunteering site – find out how you can track & highlight your volunteer experience  at CHUO-FM on your resume!

At CHUO 89.1 FM, we have many opportunities to become Contributors – here’s a few of them:

On-Air Host / Animateur

Radio Writer/Producer // Rédacteur/producteur radio

Radio News Presenter / Présentateur(trice) de nouvelles radiophoniques

Journalistic Content Contributor / Collaborateur de contenu journalistique

Spoken Word Content Creator / Créateur du contenu orales

Social Media Content Creator / Créateur de contenu pour les médias sociaux

Podcast Network Coordinator

Video Content Creator / Créateur de contenu vidéo

Public Relations/Communications Coordinator/ Coordinateur des relations publiques et de la communication