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With The Morning Shift Crew

Exploring all the good stuff!

Join Mar Sellars as she explores, uncovers and shares some of the best music around!

Mar has worked with Toronto record label Hand Drawn Dracula, as PR and project management. She manages Partner, Goodbye Honolulu and Tallies, puts on gigs in Toronto and writes for music blogs around the world.

Her past includes BBC radio, touring Germany 7 times, CBC radio and being a European booking agent. She’s lived in Vancouver, London, Toronto, Los Angeles and Berlin.


With Mar Sellars

LoudHER is a 60-minute program focused on representing women in urban music and local business – HERmusic, HERbusiness, HERradio. Tune in to hear urban music with genres ranging from R&B, pop-rap, adult contemporary, house, hip hop, Latin and Afro-Caribbean music. The show also features engaging content and compelling interviews. Don’t miss it!


With Jhamesha Milord

Map of Ottawa-Gatineau with words "Locals Only" imposed on top.

Coming out of the Radio Active Room to airwaves near you…it’s Locals Only! An hour every day focusing on the best of everything music from Ottawa-Gatineau! Join the show by getting in touch…email [email protected]


Les intrépides from 4-6pm. The city’s only break time radio show with a taste in Hip Hop and RnB, with an incredible cast of community builders and passionate artists, delivering the latest news and thought provoking conversation. Join us every afternoon.



This radio program was made possible by the support of BILINGUAL OTTAWA.


Chez-moi se veut être une émission nostalgique ‘nouveau genre’, un reflet de ‘la belle époque’. On y arrive par l’entremise de reprises de mélodies connues, d’artistes populaires, et de styles musicaux de cette ère, sans toutefois retourner aux enregistrements originaux de la période. De plus sont inséré des notes biographiques, et les souvenirs d’évènements du jour à la scène musicale sont soulignés ainsi que les anniversaires de naissance. On prend aussi le temps de bavarder avec, des artistes se pointent à l’émission.


With Denis Ménard

Join in for a full hour of Urban R&B, pop and underground music straight from Asia, and catch live interviews with our guests at the A-Cafe with your girl Mickey, every Tuesday from 8 to 9 PM.


With Mickey & Chris

An exploration of new music featuring local, Canadian and international artists as well as artists who will be performing in the Ottawa-Gatineau region!

Ben Woodhouse will lead your journey through some of the best new releases!


With Ruth & Ben

From the land of some of the most infectious grooves ever create comes Dr. Alex, the captain of Brazil Sound System! Every Wednesday from 3 to 4 PM CHUO brings you a different set list, performed 100% live in the studio combining DJ and musician skills with laptop, real synthesizers and incredible gadgets, to make you dance just like people do it in Rio de Janeiro! No matter the weather, Brazil Sound System heats up your day and put your spirits high with rare gems and dance music classics!


With Dr. Alex

Vanguard Radio est votre fréquence underground techno house hebdomadaire sur les ondes de CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa/Gatineau tous les samedis de 22 h à minuit.

Animer par le producteur / DJ internationale TEKNOBRAT du collectif Vanguard, sa mission est de vous presenter en format DJ mix les meilleurs selections internationale de tendance underground techno et house music ainsi que acid, electro et disco. Cette émission aura la visite régulière des DJ residents du collectif Vanguard ainsi que des DJs invités de calibre internationale.


With Teknobrat

Une sélection du meilleur du Hip Hop et du R&B.
Le tout mis en place par notre formidable équipe de CHUO.

Vous voulez participer ? Courriel : [email protected]


Freestyle is all about freedom of music expressed mainly in Caribbean and Urban genre.


With DJ Sweet Chunes

PRISM with Brit & Mama Shu – we are still bringing you a spectrum of weird, local, miscellaneous music.


etienne Une émission culturelle cherchant à vous faire découvrir toutes les facettes de la musique classique produite à travers le monde et la capitale nationale. Une émission ayant comme mandat de faire découvrir ou redécouvrir les plus belles oeuvres de la musique dite classique. Toutes les époques du Moyen-Âge au présent sont explorées afin de découvrir les plus belles compositions de l’histoire de la musique.


With Etienne Plante

Drop by the Heart Beat Cafe and connect with Dr. Love, who will take you back to simpler times with a mix of Classic Soul, R&B, Pop, Doo-Wop, Country, Disco, Lovers Rock, Reggae, Ska, Calypso, Kaiso, Chutney, and whatever else your dear heart desires.

Text of call at (613) 562-5967, or send me an email. I am looking forward to hearing from you, or seeing you inside the Heart Beat Cafe.


With Tony Waterman

A selection of the best Hip Hop and R&B.
All put together by our amazing team at CHUO.

Submit your music at



Playing tunes of all genres of indie music coming from Canada, USA and Europe and conducting interviews with local and out of town musicians and artists to make two great hours of fun!


With Ming Wu

Mondays from 8-10pm, the Raiders of the Lost Art unearth selections from the infinite treasure trove of rhythm and beat driven music. Expect the unexpected during their weekly exploration of hip hop, funk, soul, reggae, – and all the variations therein!


With Gerald Dragon

IMG_5368 IMG_5418 IMG_5415 A musical trip around the African continent featuring oldies and hot new tracks by African artists from Canada and abroad.


With Charles Lugania, Sarah Onyango and George Ogwel

Your weekly connection to the Afro-Caribbean community in Ottawa and beyond!

A public affairs/arts show focusing on local and international events and issues, with special emphasis on the African diaspora. Black History Month coverage, Artist Profiles, Community Calendar and lots of music by U.S, African and Caribbean artists.


With Sarah Onyango, Adrienne Coddett, Jackie Lawrence, Patricia Harewood, Denise Isaac, Joanne John