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The Somali culture’s music, public and community!


With Adan Madow

L’autoroute musicale de la francophonie canadienne. Voilà la voie que vous invite à explorer d’une semaine à l’autre l’animateur Marc Lalonde via CKRH FM. Parcourez avec lui le pays d’est en ouest à la découverte de la chanson d’expression française. Deux heures de purs délices musicaux.


With Marc Lalonde

Oddball music diversions from the analog age, interspersed with attempted witticisms and meaningless trivia, sometimes interrupted by live celebrity chats.


With John Sekerka

Presents the many ethnic (more than 80) music of Ethiopia as well as other parts of Africa!It entertains the Ethiopian community at large and introduces Ethiopian culture to others. Educate and inform the Ethiopian community in Ottawa on various issues.


With Kassa Yohannes & Betty Eyasu

Playing tunes of all genres of indie music coming from Canada, USA and Europe and conducting interviews with local and out of town musicians and artists to make two great hours of fun!


With Ming Wu

The Full Time Groove guides you through the funkiest of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, house, and groovy grooves. An eclectic mix of choice cuts – 99% vinyl, 100% good vibes! Hosts Mikey D, Wilk1, J-Mix, and Jazzy Matty bring live performances and interviews with special guests, and the coolest way to spend the final hours of your Thursday. Airs every Thursday at 10 pm and repeats Saturday at midnight.


With Mikey D, Wilk 1, Jazzy Matty & J-Mix

lundi 5pm Views, comments and information about peoples’ movements on the national and international level. Our goal is to provide information and views on the struggle of people for their rights which is not reported on the monopoly media. Whether its workers fighting for a decent standard of living or the movement against unjust wars and aggression, or protecting the natural environment, we provide points of view and analysis from activists and independent journalists who are involved in the struggles. In this way we want to contribute to the discussion in society around these important issues which the monopoly media is trying to manipulate with disinformation.


With Louis Lang

Spanish music,news, community announcements, interviews.


With Rogelio Ramos