Contributors are the lifeblood of CHUO!

We’re looking for creative, energetic, community-minded individuals who are passionate about creating unique and engaging content that reflects the diverse voices of our community.

If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to develop and contribute your voice and skills to Ottawa/Gatineau’s media landscape and beyond, consider joining CHUO!

Here you’ll have the opportunity to produce engaging programming and podcasts, curate our music library, maintain our online voice, represent the station at community events…the list goes on!

Start by creating a profile and submitting an application on CHUO’s Contributor Portal. If your application is accepted, we’ll ask you to come in for a short interview, after which you’ll work closely with an associate producer for training, assignments, and feedback.

We’re currently recruiting for the following roles & teams:

The Morning Shift: Develop your skills in live broadcasting, journalism, and communication while showcasing arts & culture. You’ll learn how to deliver news updates, conduct interviews, and engage with listeners. Sharpen your time management and teamwork abilities while producing a dynamic show that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Audio & Podcast production: Learn audio production techniques, including recording and mixing using broadcast software & equipment while producing high-quality radio content.  Put podcast production techniques into practice, including scripting, editing, and distribution.

News & Spoken Word Programming: Develop your journalism skills while covering local news, social issues, and cultural events. You’ll learn how to research and write compelling stories, conduct interviews, and report live from the field. Sharpen your critical thinking and storytelling abilities while informing and educating the community.

Marketing & Promotions: Put digital marketing strategies and social media “best practices” into “real practice”. Develop your strategic thinking and communication skills while promoting the station’s brand and events. You’ll learn how to craft compelling messaging, design eye-catching graphics, and execute effective campaigns that engage with the community and increase listenership. 

Music & Programming: Develop your creativity and technical skills by curating playlists, creating show concepts, and producing high-quality audio content. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover new artists and connect with music enthusiasts, all while shaping the station’s overall sound and style.

Fundraising & Sponsorship: Develop your marketing and sales skills while contributing to the station’s financial sustainability. You’ll learn how to generate revenue through sponsorships and donations, as well as how to negotiate deals and build lasting relationships with local businesses and community members.

Discover Shows

Your source for hip hop in the morning!
News, views, and interviews with The Morning Shift crew!



With The Morning Shift Crew

Join in for a full hour of Urban R&B, pop and underground music straight from Asia, and catch live interviews with our guests at the A-Cafe with your girl Mickey, every Tuesday from 8 to 9 PM.


With Mickey & Chris

Chez-moi se veut être une émission nostalgique ‘nouveau genre’, un reflet de ‘la belle époque’. On y arrive par l’entremise de reprises de mélodies connues, d’artistes populaires, et de styles musicaux de cette ère, sans toutefois retourner aux enregistrements originaux de la période. De plus sont inséré des notes biographiques, et les souvenirs d’évènements du jour à la scène musicale sont soulignés ainsi que les anniversaires de naissance. On prend aussi le temps de bavarder avec, des artistes se pointent à l’émission.


With Denis Ménard

Les intrépides from 4-6pm. The city’s only break time radio show with a taste in Hip Hop and RnB, with an incredible cast of community builders and passionate artists, delivering the latest news and thought provoking conversation. Join us every afternoon.



This radio program was made possible by the support of BILINGUAL OTTAWA.


Exploring all the good stuff!

Join Mar Sellars as she explores, uncovers and shares some of the best music around!

Mar has worked with Toronto record label Hand Drawn Dracula, as PR and project management. She manages Partner, Goodbye Honolulu and Tallies, puts on gigs in Toronto and writes for music blogs around the world. 

Her past includes BBC radio, touring Germany 7 times, CBC radio and being a European booking agent. She’s lived in Vancouver, London, Toronto, Los Angeles and Berlin.


With Mar Sellars

LoudHER is a 60-minute program focused on representing women in urban music and local business – HERmusic, HERbusiness, HERradio. Tune in to hear urban music with genres ranging from R&B, pop-rap, adult contemporary, house, hip hop, Latin and Afro-Caribbean music. The show also features engaging content and compelling interviews. Don’t miss it!


With Jhamesha Milord

Map of Ottawa-Gatineau with words "Locals Only" imposed on top.

Coming out of the Radio Active Room to airwaves near you…it’s Locals Only! An hour every day focusing on the best of everything music from Ottawa-Gatineau! Join the show by getting in touch…email [email protected]


An exploration of new music featuring local, Canadian and international artists as well as artists who will be performing in the Ottawa-Gatineau region!

Ben Woodhouse will lead your journey through some of the best new releases!


With Ruth & Ben