Volunteer From Home (VFH) Program

Contributors & Staff at CHUO 89.1 FM would rather see you at the station when you’re contributing to the work we’re all doing for Ottawa and our communities, but sometimes it’s not possible – maybe you live far from Ottawa; you might be taking care of yourself or a family member; or commuting just isn’t an option for you.

So we’re knocking down the barriers of participating at CHUO 89.1 FM with our Volunteer From Home (VFH) Program!

Currently our VFH Program is oriented around the “non-Radio work” we do – which is a lot! So we won’t be accepting Music or Spoken Word hosts, or News Presenters, but are looking for:

– Social media team members
– help with our Podcast Network
– Radio Writers/Producers
– Journalistic Content Contributors
– a Public Relations/Communications Coordinator
– WordPress, graphic design or website experience