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We’ll meet you where you are with many ways to donate!

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  • Donate via PayPal
  • E-mail Money Transfer to [email protected]
  • In-person or by mail with a cheque or money order payable to CHUO 89.1 FM at 0038-65 University Private Ottawa ON K1N 9A5
  • By phone at 613-562-5965 and we will happily help with your donation

Just a reminder, we are a “not-for-profit organization”, YES!  However, we do NOT have charitable status so we CAN NOT offer tax receipts.  This is something we are working towards.

Independent, community-powered radio is more than just entertainment.  CHUO 89.1 FM provides a place for underrepresented voices to be heard.  That can be the voices of new and emerging music or the voices of daring and challenging perspectives on news and social issues.

For those voices not heard anywhere else,  such as any one of the 10+ languages we broadcast, CHUO 89.1 FM may be the only place to find local news, meet new members of the community or host important conversations.  Citizens feeling isolated from our community affects the whole city – CHUO 89.1 FM bridges that gap and strengthens our city by bringing people together.

Growing and supporting our city’s arts and culture scene contributes to the overall health of a city.  We elevate local artists by playing their music, by announcing upcoming events from theatre to art openings to dance, inviting artists on-air and sponsoring cultural events in our community!

A strong social network is vital to a healthy community.  CHUO 89.1 FM partners with like-minded organizations doing great work in our community!  We have worked with Ottawa Rock Camp 4 Girls, Kites 4 Cancer, artist-run SAWVideo, Support Local ( initiative) and so many more.

CHUO is the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s only bilingual, community-powered, independent radio station. We provide high-quality radio programming that speaks to the diversity, intelligence and discerning audience – you.

CHUO provides the community with the equipment, skills and resources to create engaging and relevant radio programming. We rely on the community’s generosity to do so, and are reaching out for your pledge. Your support allows CHUO to continue exposing the region’s radio listeners to new music, working with meaningful causes in our city and giving a voice to cultural and community groups.

What are the funds used for?

Funds raised through Funding Drive make up about 25% of CHUO’s annual budget. These funds help us cover all of our costs, including rental fees for our antenna, access to the transmitter located at Camp Fortune, phone lines, repairs, equipment maintenance as well as launching new projects – the Local Music Recording LP soon to be released and deepening our impact.

For example with the support of our community,  we raised over $30,000 to update our website. We are excited to unveil our new look!  Thanks to your support, the website is in its’ final stages of development!  Our online presence will reflect the amazing programming we are making. The new site will have a clean and contemporary feel, be easy to navigate, and will provide options for listening and finding programming much more easily!