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CHUO runs a maximum of 4 minutes of advertising per hour. Our average is 2 minutes. This means your ad will not be lost in a sea of commercials. We run both pre-produced radio spots (which must adhere to our terms & conditions) as well ads produced in-house.

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Ottawa University – Coop Program Searching for Employers – Our Ad – Their website

“Hey, Ottawa-Gatineau Employers…you need educated employees for peak summer work and special projects, but how do you find them? Right now over 700 smart & driven University of Ottawa CO-OP students in fields like IT, Science, Engineering, Business & Finance are applying for summer jobs via the UOttawa CO-OP program.

And with the help of UOttawa Academic Coordinators, you create & post the job, students apply, and Coordinators help you reach & interview students with the skills and experience you are looking for. Then you select the student you want to work with.

The entire hiring process moves quickly and can be completed within one week.

Reach out to [email protected] or see for info about this program.

Get Involved with the UOttawa Coop Program…and Get Involved with 89.1 CHUO-FM your independent, community-powered and listener-supported radio station!”

More info about CO-OP Program:

CO-OP EDUCATION is a 3-way partnership between university, students, and employers.  Students apply their classroom knowledge in a series of four-month work experiences.


You have year-round access to qualified and well-motivated employees from various programs in Business, Social Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Law and Science
You have access to a cost-effective and ideal source of temporary employees for peak periods or special projects
You can evaluate potential full-time staff in a structured environment at minimal costs and risks
You promote your organization as an employer of choice and one that believes in developing the potential of young talent


Provide practical experience related to one of the co-op programs including proper supervision
Be paid, full-time and approximately 4 months in length