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[lang_en]This week’s charts! Feb 24th 2013[/lang_en][lang_fr]Les palmarès de la semaine! 24 février 2013[/lang_fr]

TOP 30 1 Saranerape Abraham Lincoln Self-Released 2 Les Hay Babies Folio Self-Released 3 Michèle O. Assis dans ma tête Passeport 4 Hôtel Morphée Des Histoires De Fantomes Audiogram 5 Big Dick Schoolyard Violence Dirt Cult 6 HILOTRONS At Least There’s Commotion Kelp 7 Chantal Archambault Les élans Indica 8 Avec Pas D’Casque Dommage que… Read more »

Ladies First meets Mo Kenney – Feb. 11th at 4pm!

Lina from Ladies First had the privilege of chatting with Mo Kenney on Saturday, after her performance at the Blacksheep Inn. Hear the interview live at 4pm on CHUO 89.1 in Ottawa, or on demand for up to 4 weeks after the broadcast.

[lang_en]Tabaret talks about CHUO![/lang_en][lang_fr]Le Tabaret parle de nous![/lang_fr]

[lang_en]Here’s an article that has been published about CHUO in Tabaret, a university of Ottawa publication. It recognizes CHUO’s implication in the community and our volunteers hard work to make it all happen! Here’s the article.[/lang_en] [lang_fr]Voici un article paru dans le Tabaret, une publication de l’université d’Ottawa. L’implication de CHUO au sein de la… Read more »