Hop The Fence: Friday April 13th 2012!

A perfect trifecta on HTF today. Studio’s gonna be swinging! Check it out!

AKA Laural Sprengelmeyer, from Montreal (via Iowa) is an avid
songstress and uses guitar, violin and keyboard (not to mention
paintbrush to canvas) for artistic expression. Her debut full length
album, The Golden Record was co-produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry
(originally from Ottawa) and they are performing at the Blacksheep Inn tonight. This
one is not to be missed!

ARMS OF THE GIRL: Ottawa-based 4-piece band have a new CD, Versions of Happiness,
to show-off at Zaphod’s tonight. They play alternative folk-rock with a southern
blues twist.

SIGNE MIRANDA’S VERANDA: Proudly releasing their new progeny, September Night,
this Toronto-based band are performing at the Avant-Garde bar tonight.
They’ll take you on a journey from post-break-up alt-pop-punk to warm,
spacious alt-country comfort.

The ladies are definitely ruling this April’s Friday the 13th on a stage near us!! All the fun starts
at 5 p.m. today on 89.1 FM in Ottawa or online at: www.CHUO.fm

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