Review: TOPS – Tender Opposites

Montreal’s Tops, formerly known as Silly Kissers has released their debut album “Tender Opposites” on Arbutus Record.

Eight tracks filled with 1980s new wave mellow dance pop sound.

Reminds me of  listening to 1980s soundtrack to Top Gun or Miami Vice.

There are tracks like Evening, Diamond Look, VII Babies, Go Away and Turn Your Love Around will make you want to do a twirling dance.

While tracks Double Vision & Rings of Saturn will remind you how what it was like to slow dance with someone at your prom.

The album ends off with an instrumental track, which is very 80s like.

The band has very catchy lyrics.

This is a fun album to listen to and it comes from Montreal.

Best tracks:


Diamond Look

VII Babies

Go Away

Turn Your Love Around

Rings of Saturn

Reviewed by: Ming Wu