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Music from all over the world. Musique du monde entier. Música de todo el mundo. Musiek van regoor die wêreld. Muusikada aduunka oo idil. Musik aus aller Welt. Hosted by Mundial Team


A place for musical discovery!


Drop by the Heart Beat Cafe and connect with Dr. Love, who will take you back to simpler times with a mix of Classic Soul, R&B, Pop, Doo-Wop, Country, Disco, Lovers Rock, Reggae, Ska, Calypso, Kaiso, Chutney, and whatever else your dear heart desires. Text of call at (613) 562-5967, or send me an email…. Read more »


RADIO ACTIVE is ACTIVE RADIO! Listen to new and exciting local and Canadian music! Hear news, reviews, interviews and more! All put together by our amazing team at CHUO. Want to participate? Email: [email protected]


The Full Time Groove guides you through the funkiest of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, house, and groovy grooves. An eclectic mix of choice cuts that are sure to slap. Hosts Wilk One and J-Mix spin tunes, explore even the deepest crevices of their record crates and host interviews with local artists. It’s the coolest way to spend… Read more »