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      Celebrating independent radio and the volunteers who make it happen!

      We are hosting this event to celebrate independent radio with special guest Marie of Weird Canada !

      We’ll have an exhibition of Marc Adornato’s radios !

      Test your radio skills, maybe win a prize, meet some folks, eat and drink with support from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.


      RSVP HERE:


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      MONDAY UPDATE! Monday mornings are never dull at CHUO! Start the day with RADIO ACTIVE followed by NO FILTER (@photogmusic), @cityslangradio and many more! Missed any of our programs like BLACK ON BLACK, MAURY’S SATURDAY NIGHT HOUSE PARTY or RADIO IRAVA during the weekend? Head to CHUO.FM to listen to ANY program ON DEMAND for up to 4 weeks!


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      We believe that CHUO has uncovered a copy of @puptheband long-forgotten debut album from 1998!


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      R.I.P. Jay. May 1, 1980 - January 13, 2010


    • From Extreme to Another - Best of 2014!

      Tune to CHUO 89.1 FM every Monday night at midnight for From Extreme to Another/D’un extrême à l’autre with your host Gilbert for 3 hours of punk/industrial/goth/minimal electro and everything in between. 

      Here’s Gilbert TOP 44 Albums of 2014!!! 

      01. Pharmakon (USA) - Bestial burden (Power noise / industrial)
      02. Jessica 93 (France) - Rise (Darkwave)
      03. Trust (CAN) - Joyland (Synthpop, electro)
      04. Andy Stott (UK) - Faith in strangers (Minimal electro)
      05. Dasmodell (France) - Dasmodell (Punk rock)
      06. Youth code (USA) - A place to stand (Techno industrial)
      07. Visonia (Chile) - The impossible romance (Synthpop, electro)
      08. Camera (Germany) - Remember I was carbon dioxide (Psychedelic)
      09. Sounds of Sputnik (CAN / Ukraine) - New born (feat. Ummagma) 
      10. Tonikom (USA) - Seeking the lost mind (Electronic)
      11. The cosmic dead (UK) - Easterfaust
      12. Roberta Bondar (Ottawa, CAN) - Caustic (Rock)
      13. A winged victory for the sullen (USA) - Atomos (Ambient, Neo classical)
      14. Big ups (USA) - Eighteen hours of static (Punk rock)
      15. Dark times (Norway) - Give (Punk rock) (Seriously, check them out!)
      16. Clipping (USA ?) - Clipping (Experimental hip hop)
      17. Mr.Kitty (USA) - Time (Synthpop, techno)
      18. Wrangler (UK) - LA spark (Electronic)
      19. Rapoon & Promute (UK) - Machine river (Ambient)
      20. Swans (USA) - To be kind (Rock)
      21. Ash Code (Italy) - Oblivion (Coldwave, electro)
      22. Double eyelid (Toronto, Can) - Seven years (Darkwave, goth rock)
      23. Caribou (CAN) - Our love (Electronic)
      24. Dryft (USA) - The blur vent (Electronic)
      25. cheveu (France) - Bum (Punk rock)
      26. The bug (UK) - Angels and devils (Hip hop electro)
      27. Mlada fronta (France) - Polygon (Techno industrial)
      28. PyPy (Montreal, Can) - Pagan day (Punk)
      29. Cocksure USA) - TVMALSV (Techno industrial)
      30. Plaid (UK) - Reachy prints (Electronic)
      31. Aphex Twin (UK) - Syro (Electronic)
      32. Einsturzende Neubauten (Germany) - Lament (Industrial)
      33. CHROME (USA) - Feel it like a scientist (Psych rock, punk)
      34. Ummagma (CAN) - Kiev and Lama remixed (Dreampop)
      35. Cyanotic (USA) - Worst case scenario vol. 1 (Techno industrial)
      36. Berline0.33 (France) - The abyss will gaze back (Punk rock)
      37. White lung (CAN) - Deep fantasy (Punk)
      38. Gazelle twin (USA) - Unflesh (Experimental)
      39. Automelodi (Montreal, Can) - Surlendemains acides (Synthpop)
      40. Godflesh (UK) - Decline and fall (Metal industrial)
      41. Lunar Twin (USA) - Lunar twin EP (Electronic)
      42 Interpol (USA) - El pîntor (Rock)
      43. CHRYSALIDE - Personal revolution
      44. Various artists - Low Noise Productions vol. 2


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