CHUO Drive 2014 Poster_Bi  We have raised $34,262 in pledges!  ALMOST THERE! Only $733 to go!! 

Why should I support CHUO?

CHUO is the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s only bilingual, community radio station. CHUO provides high-quality radio programming that speaks to the diversity, intelligence and rich social context of its audience.

CHUO is more than just entertainment; it’s a service that we, as a non-profit organization, provide at no cost. We offer under-represented and often ignored factions of society the opportunity to be heard and listened to. CHUO is about social equity and inclusiveness often lacking in mainstream media.

CHUO aims to provide the community with the equipment, skills and resources to create and produce radio programming. We rely on the community’s generosity do so, and are reaching out for your pledge. Your support allows CHUO to continue exposing the region’s radio listeners to the music commercial radio just doesn’t play and giving a voice to cultural and community groups within the National Capital Region.

CHUO 89.1FM’s 2014 Funding Drive!
DIAL 613-562-5967 to donate!

We need your support!

 Our goal this year is 35,000$.  We have raised $34,262.00 in pledges!  ALMOST THERE! Only $733 to go!!

Why should I donate?

Aside from volunteering at the station or from calling the on-air studio, Funding Drive is perhaps the best way for listeners to become part of CHUO. It is active community outreach. This activity is designed to unite all members of the station in the common goal of acquiring funds to keep the station in operation. CHUO is a non-profit organization. It is, however, important to recognize that although we are not here to make money, we do need a certain amount of money to continue broadcasting quality radio. The actual costs of running and maintaining a radio station are quite phenomenal.

How can I donate?

Call-in your pledge at 613-562-5967! You can pay by cash/cheque, credit card or online transfer!

You can pay your pledge by giving your credit card number with the phone operator.

You can pay your pledge by sending an email transfer to

You can pay your pledge with the PAYPAL link above!

You can pay your pledge by cash or cheque by mailing it to CHUO 89.1 FM 65 University PVT, Ottawa, ON K1N 9A5 

Here are some exciting incentives for you to donate!

$25 donationFriend of CHUO card

$30 donation - CHUO bottle opener/key chain + Friend of CHUO card!

$60 donation - Entry into 2 grand prize draws! (1 entry into National Arts Centre draw + 1 entry for Beau’s Natural Brewing Co. draw) + CHUO t-shirt + CHUO bottle opener/key chain + Friend of CHUO card!

$120 donation - Entry into 4 grand prize draws! (1 entry National Arts Centre draw + 1 entry for Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. draw + 1 entry into Black Sheep Inn draw + 1 entry into Via Rail draw!) + CHUO t-shirt + CHUO bottle opener/key chain + Friend of CHUO card!

Grand Prizes!* Draws will be held on APRIL 30th.  STILL TIME TO GET YOUR NAME IN!! DONATE TODAY!

National Arts Centre draw ($750 value)

1 voucher (admission for two) for each of the following months in 2014: May, June, September, October & November!

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. draw ($350 value)

Delivery of 1 case of 4 600 ml bottles per month start in May 2014 until April 2015 to your home!

Black Sheep Inn draw ($400 value)

2014 Season Pass that gives you access to every concert for the rest of 2014!

Via Rail draw ($1200 value) 

4 return tickets from Ottawa to Quebec City!

* You will only receive your incentive or be entered into the Grand Prize draws once you have PAID your pledge.