Funding Drive

Help us give your community a voice!


Raised 19,500 $ towards the 20,000 $ target.

Building a new, mobile responsive website will allow more people to access our unique, hyper local programming.  By providing diverse platforms for independent media to be heard CHUO is empowering and engaging your community to create radio that cannot be heard anywhere else.

Developing a new website will increase participation and accessibility to Ottawa’s only bilingual, participatory radio station.  

Loads of local artists and businesses have jumped on board to give you even more reason to get this project off the ground! Check out our CHUO Store!


Donate via our Funding Drive Store by clicking on the link above, via paypal or Email Money Transfer to donation[at], in person or by mail with a cheque or money order payable to CHUO 89.1 FM.

0035-65 University Private Ottawa ON K1N 9A5

This year marks the first year that CHUO will be holding two separate, week-long funding drives in one year. This is our second funding drive 19 – 25 October.

Just a reminder, we are a “not-for-profit organization”, YES!  However, we do NOT have charitable status so we CAN NOT offer tax receipts.  This is something we are working towards.

Why should I support CHUO?

CHUO is the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s only bilingual, community radio station. CHUO provides high-quality radio programming that speaks to the diversity, intelligence and rich social context of its audience.

CHUO is more than just entertainment; it’s a service that we, as a non-profit organization, provide at no cost. We offer under-represented, and often ignored, factions of society the opportunity to be heard and listened to. CHUO is about social equity and inclusiveness which is often lacking in mainstream media.

CHUO aims to provide the community with the equipment, skills and resources to create and produce radio programming. We rely on the community’s generosity do so, and are reaching out for your pledge. Your support allows CHUO to continue exposing the region’s radio listeners to the music that commercial radio just doesn’t play, and giving a voice to cultural and community groups within the National Capital Region.

What are the funds used for?

Funds raised through Funding Drive make up about 25% of CHUO’s annual budget. These funds help us cover all of our costs, including rental fees for our antenna, access to the transmitter located at Camp Fortune, phone lines, repairs, equipment maintenance, and staff salaries (among other things). These funds are also used to finance larger, exciting projects!

This year, we’re raising funds to update our website.  We have had the same site since 2005 – it is time for a facelift!  Our online presence should reflect the amazing programming we are making.  The new site will have a clean and contemporary feel, be easy to navigate, and will provide options for listening and finding programming much more easily! Our new site will be responsive to all platforms making it simple to access CHUO.FM via your tablet, phone or laptop!