4-5/28-15/2012 The Communication Cord at the Gladstone!

SevenThirty Productions mounts The Communication Cord

March 28 to April 15 2012

The Gladstone theater
910 Gladstone Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y4

About the play:
During 800 years of occupation, the Irish learned to laugh at themselves – and at others. There is certainly a twinkle in the eye of countrywoman Nora Dan as she peers through the window, anxious to see if she can make a penny for herself out of the latest invasion – that of city weekenders in search of their roots and rich Europeans on the hunt for vacation properties. While the narrative appears to revolve hilariously around thwarted romance, the real story lies in disguise, in pretending to be someone you are not, and in the challenges of communication, understanding, misunderstanding and deception – not just between the sexes, but also between friends.

Media Contact:
Laurren Iacobellis
613-806 5562
[email protected]